To Blog or not to Blog???

Well... Here it is: my first entry! I developed this profile quite a while ago and never actually posted anything. I found myself thinking: What if I write something brilliant? Can anyone just take it and use it as their own material???? I guess I have come to the conclusion that I will cross that bridge when and if I get to it...

So with that setback behind me, here goes:

Once Upon A Time there was a girl. This girl was consumed with figuring out how to live the kind of life worth living. She analyzed mistakes from her past, she dwelled in memories from other times (better times) and could never seem to quite figure out why her present was never measuring up to her past; hence the reason that she would even (unoriginally, mind you) name her blog "Once Upon A Time".

Cut to the present: said girl is wondering what direction her blog is going to go? Everyone seems to have a theme these days (blogs for mothers, blogs about baking, blogs about fitness, etc). Alas, girl reaches conclusion: I've always had to have a "theme" and I've spent many hours trying to fit myself into boxes; when in actuality what I have discovered is that what makes me uniquely and sublimely happy is to be all over the map, essentially, coloring outside the lines if you will.

That said, this blog will serve as my canvas of reinvention (whatever that entails). I will try to be conscious of looking back too often, of limiting myself to two dimensional labels, and I will be honest with myself in order to ensure growth.