Today was a fantastic day! It started off with me accompanying my good friend to my second attempt at a Fluent Fitness Boot Camp in Wash Park. Today I stuck with the routine the whole way through (with a lot of modifications, of course) but I felt great after. The people that run Fluent Fitness are fabulous and super motivational (as is my friend).

After this I went on a road trip up to Boulder with the parentals to show them where I will be working and gather their thoughts on when I should move, where I should live, etc. I left Boulder feeling much more optimistic about the possibilities that life will be giving me in exchange for the things/people that I will have to give up.

And to top things off I got to meet up with another lovely friend for happy hour! Today I really feel like I lived life to the fullest and appreciated the time I spent with the people I love. I'm very blessed! :-)