This is a weird time for me... since my last post I finally got a job in Boulder! Yay! So now I have all these crazy questions going on in my mind constantly: When should I move to Boulder? Should I transfer to a different Barnes & Noble? How long can I commute? How often will I see my nephew? Are my sisters and I going to grow apart? Will I still have as active of a social life as I do now if I move? Will I be able to afford everything? And the biggest one... why when I've gotten my wish am I having a hard time letting go of some things?

Of anyone I know I should be the master of letting go but it is something that I tell myself I am good at when in actuality I am not at all.

I guess I just need to trust in the process; I wanted this, I got it, and all will shake out as it is supposed to: the people that are meant to be a part of my life still will be and the ones that fade out were important for the time being but maybe they just aren't meant to be a part of my big picture, and I need to learn to be ok with this. It's a process, as everything in life is.