Who Am I?

Who am I? I love songs with meaningful lyrics. I like to watch old, foreign, or independent movies. My favorite sounds are the harmonica, the ukulele, and acoustic guitars. I love Autumn, and Spring is a close second. One of the sweetest moments in my life involved strawberries, sunshine, a street performer, and a cathedral. Events with rain always rank high in my book. I fall in love with travel books--- in my world Jack Kerouac is a God, and Elizabeth Gilbert is a role model. I move, every year... it's what I do, my Grandma once called me a "gypsy". I like that she sees me that way. I drink wine and I dance around my living room; I do and say things sometimes that are so weird that my little sister always says, "I never thought when I was little that people in their 30's would act this way". I like to cook because measurements don't have to be exact, and I dislike baking because of all the rules (yet I love to buy baking pans). Lattes are a break in my day that bring back old people and places, and that is why I can not quit them. I used to be a runner, and I know she's still in there somewhere. I am constantly searching myself to find what I can improve. I'd like to learn to take simple pictures, to play simple songs. To be a person that does yoga. To be a person that dances, not just in my kitchen and living room, but everywhere! I listen to Jazz, and take long bubble baths. If I get into the last 100 pages of a book I can not go to bed until I finish it, even if it is a work night. I have a large capacity to feel extreme amounts of empathy for the human condition; when I hear of injustices in the world, I actually feel a pain in my chest and a lump in my throat; I want to participate and make a change in the world but often times don't know where to start or how to begin besides just being a better human being. I am trying to learn balance, how to just be, and the graceful art of letting go. I like the mountains, but I love big cities! I love the History, the culture, the places that you find when you've been in a place long enough that you are no longer a tourist. I still am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I want to write, and need to make time for that in my life. I have a clear idea of the kind of person I am becoming and the person I want to be- I seek independence more than anything. I am constantly in a state of self reflection. I am scared of making the same mistakes twice. I always seek change, believing with all of my soul that change leads to growth.