On my bridge connecting an archer and lions
Inside a snow globe of glittering night lights
Holding hands
you complimented my scarf
A peddler approached
"A rose for your love?"
You bought one
Even though we had places to go
and it would wither

Twice you bought me a rose there
Both times under dark November skies
What a difference a year made
On a cold stoop step
"What do you want from me?"
Your hand ran through your hair
A peddler approached
An obligatory exchange
The winter air was so sharp

Warm light spilled out of the souvenir shop
The bells on the door jingled
A smile bound towards us like the sun
Her hands full of gifts
"Oh how romantic!"
She exclaimed,
"He bought you a rose?"
We smiled uncomfortably

The next time my eyes would see Haymarket
it would be drenched in the sunlight