Who's That Girl???

Ok ok... so I'm still not the greatest photographer in the world... but can I just say I was having a wee bit of an excited kind of anxiety attack!!!  I just got to round out what I've been calling my Clinton Administration Trifecta!!!  (Meaning I have now gotten books signed by President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and now Madam Secretary Albright... I freakin' rule!)  Ok... I'm a bit of a nerd, but can I just say.... WOW!!!!

Growing up there were 3 women that I always paid attention to (before Hillary that is) and they were Margaret Thatcher, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Madeleine Albright!  As a student of history from a very young age and an enthusiast of politics, I knew that these women were women that broke the mold.  But hearing this eloquent, informed, and hilariously charming woman speak in person is a memory I will always cherish.  The accomplishments this woman has achieved really helps give my life a little perspective:  Why do I get so stressed out and doubt myself so much in my role as an assistant???  For Pete's sake, I'm a competent girl, and it's not like I'm sitting down at a table with a bunch of men that are committing genocide and trying to negotiate with them!  It's time I start owning up to the fact that I am capable and that I am smart and that if I don't believe I can do it, then no one else will either!

Madeleine was discussing her book Prague Winter, she spent a lot of time talking about what it was like to come to Denver as a refugee when she was a small girl and about her time growing up in Colorado.  She talked about her father and how he worked for the University of Denver and how he founded the Graduate School of International Studies at DU.  She also talked about how she always loved History and Political Science, and about some of her studies throughout her PhD program.  She currently teaches International Relations courses at Georgetown University.  One thing I found really interesting are her opinions on religion and how it is so important when it comes to foreign policy.

Listening to her talk I felt jazzed!  I work in International Education, I love History, this stuff is right up my alley!  I think it is time to get serious and really figure out what is the next degree that I want to try for.  I gave a half hearted attempt at a Master's in History last year and after some advising, I can see that if I want a career in higher education, it's not necessarily the best route...although it is has always been a dream of mine.  However, lately I've been intrigued with International Relations just because of my own background and because of my new position at work.  Perhaps it is time to do some research!

Thank you Madeleine for making it the "norm" that women hold the Secretary of State position, and thank you for continuing to inspire girls everywhere from their youthful years into their adult careers!  I am awake!!!