Top 2012 Picks

Now is the time of year when people reflect on the year that just passed and the internet abounds with top 2012 lists, so this year I decided I would make my own (movies excluded because I don't think I saw anything worth writing about). Without adieu...

                                                                 Top 3 Fiction Books

1.  A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers is my King.  I love him, the man can do no wrong.  I would propose marriage if he weren't already betrothed and I believed myself worthy.  That said, Eggers is making a statement about America's place in the world with this novel (and that is behind China).  He also makes us look at a flailing businessman that feels out of place in a world filled with new technologies and new selling strategies.  The setting reminds us of other cities in the middle east that we have seen on the rise that remind us of an America of yesteryears-- one full of promise and indulgences that landed us where we are today.

2.  The Sea is my Brother by Jack Kerouac

A lost novel of Jack Kerouac's published in 2012, what a treat!  This book clearly shows Mr. Kerouac's own battle within-- to stay put and make roots or to flee to places unknown!  Naturally, fleeing wins out in the end (that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Kerouc's work). 

3.  In One Person by John Irving

To see my thoughts on this book, please go to my previous post.
Book Review

                                                                 Top 3 "Other" Books

1.  Love, An Index by Rebecca Lindenberg

Again, please see previous post.

2.  Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson

By far one of my favorite picture books featuring one of my most beloved cities!  The photographer also has a wonderful blog:

3.  Paris vs New York: A Tally of Two Cities by Vahram Muratyan

This book comes is just the cutest thing!  Each page spread has a graphic of something that represents Paris and on the other half something which represents New York.  It is up to the reader to decide which city they love most!

Plus... one last minute pick that I got over the holiday break...

4.  Celebrate:  A Year of Festivities for Family and Friends by Pippa Middleton

Who doesn't love the Middleton girls?  This book is gorgeous!  It gives great ideas for celebrating some of the largest holidays to some of the uniquely British ones!  Love it!!!

                                                                 Top 3 Albums

1.  Tristan Prettyman's Cedar and Gold
Once more, please see my post on why this album would be number 1 for me!
Also, check out Tristan's blog, I love it:

2.  The Dave Matthews Band's Away From the World
Although this isn't my favorite album of theirs, this proves that the Dave Matthews Band is still making quality music, with thoughtful lyrics and that their sound is adjusting with their age.   Plus, he had me at "When the juice is dripping off your chin one peach is not enough".  Oh Dave Matthews, you slay me!

3.  I couldn't come up with a third album that just knocked my socks off... so for honorable mentions I would have to say Glen Hansards' Rhythm and Repose, Melody Gardot's The Absence, and Mumford & Sons' Babel.

So, that's my list, my two cents if you will.  If any of you have your top books, albums, or movies from 2012 please share!