When I listen to Wednesdays... (a day late)

When I listen to Joe Purdy, I can have a whole myriad of feelings, luckily in my shuffle I got "Come Back Down Joe" off the Only Four Seasons album (Joe also has the same song on the Sessions From Motor Ave album), I like the latter version on Only Four Seasons much more.  This song reminds me of the West End of London, neighborhoods like Covent Garden & Leicester Square.  There's really no particular reason that this song stirs up those feelings.  Maybe it's because I discovered Joe when I lived in England and this song just reminds me of the kind of song that some wayfaring vagabond would be playing on the corner of one of those neighborhoods as tourists move about them, throwing coins in the troubadour's guitar case, making their purchases at the outdoor markets, and deciding what pub or cafe they are going to grab lunch at.

While in the past some Joe Purdy songs were the soundtrack to my ambien filled nights, the songs that I assigned to my most bittersweet memories, for some reason this song never felt that way.  This song reminds me of the me I was discovering in '06-'07, the me that was inherently different than who I should have been being married to Dave.  The me who was discovering she loved Europe just as much as she loved her own country, the me who on some level knew that Dave and I weren't meant for each other, (but the me who was too afraid to let go of him for letting go of him would mean letting go of those places).  This song is beautiful books, latte art, cobblestoned streets, and independence.

I don't know why, but that's just what I feel when I listen to this song.

I've been lucky enough to see this artist 3 times, he's just amazing.