Let's Talk About Books Baby!



Books Bought

No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay

The Other Story by Tatiana De Rosnay

Portraits and Observations by Truman Capote

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Greenwich Village Stories Published by Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation

Add more 'ing to your life by Gabrielle Bernstein

Insurgent (ebook) by Veronica Roth

Books Read

NW by Zadie Smith

No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay

The Other Story by Tatiana De Rosnay

As the weather gets warmer like all the flowers that are blooming I seem to be coming out of my winter hibernation... that means... less reading.  However, based on my books bought list I seem to have not lost my gusto for throwing down some dollars for the love of literature!

Onto books read...

In true 2014 form, I read another book by the incomparable Zadie Smith.  While this one still does not top

On Beauty,

 (will anything ever?) I still can see the greatness in this book.  A friend of mine phrased it perfectly when he said that she writes books that are syllabus ready.  They are books for the now, books full of heavy topics... where we stand socially, politically, racially, financially and how our place in the world affects our humanity.  Gotta love a conscientious writer!

April being poetry month I figured I'd delve into a poet that is new to me but is a sensation on youtube with her spoken word performances, and a true all star at TED talks.  I first heard of Sarah Kay when a favorite singer of mine instagram'd a picture of herself with the poet and my favorite author Liz Gilbert. I thought... "shoot if my favorite singer and author are hanging with this poet she must be somebody worth looking into".  Of course I watched her TED talks and then without any hesitation I ordered her book that was due to come out the following week.  I devoured this poetry book.  Who knew that poetry could be so hip?  It spoke to me, and yes, I've had modern poets speak to me before, none more so than Rebecca Lindenberg; but now I have another one to add to my list.  I look forward to more collections of poetry from this amazing poet!

And lastly, the newly published in America,

The Other Story

.  Ever since

Sarah's Key

, I wait for the next translated book of Tatiana De Rosnay's.  They are always entertaining.  While this main character was something of an arse, I still liked this story and wanted to see the way things would play out.  The book was interesting in the fact that social media and our ego-centric lives was a main theme and in a sense this story holds a mirror up to our (society's) behaviour and shows us how truly ugly it can be when we become obsessed with our phones in our palms more than the we care for the actual people in our lives.  Yet here I am blogging about it.  

Will we ever learn?

Well I don't know how many or what books the month of May will bring, but I do know I'm looking forward to my little sister's college graduation, helping my parents with their yard, and welcoming family visitors from out of state!  What about you?  What is May bringing you?  What have your read lately?