A Year in Review (2014)

2014... a year in books & music

I'm a bit behind.  I guess the main reason is that 2014 didn't seem to produce much in the way of greatness, it all feels a little "been there done that" in regards to books and music.  Nonetheless, here they are, my 3 favorite books released in 2014 as well as my 3 favorite albums!

Books (in no particular order): 

As I have said numerous times before, I adore Nichole Robertson!This book came out right before the holiday season and is going to prominently be featured on my coffee table until Valentine's Day.  It's very lovey dovey--- it's red, it's France, it's adrorable!  Nothing but photos, but definitely the kind of photos I love!

Wow!  So, as I already posted about that I went to the Hillary Clinton book signing, and I already posted about what I thought about this book.  Hats off to Madame Secretary Clinton for writing a book that is entertaining and educational.

Loved this poetry collection, even more so after finally finishing the collection of Kerouac poetry that I worked on all year.  Where Kerouac is messy, all over the place and nonsensical; Sarah Kay writes poetry that is moving, makes sense, and I found I could easily relate to it.  At the end of the day sometimes I'll take the simple and sweet over the complex and tortured.  

Let's talk for a minute about the fact that none of these books are fiction!  In a normal year, something of note in the fiction realm has to be released.  Maybe my "go to" authors dropped the ball a bit... but by far the most interesting fiction I read this year, was from years past!  2015 better bring it!


By far my favorite album of the year! I will forever have fond memories of listening to this album as I drove all over Estes Park on a brisk autumn weekend in October.  The lyrics are fun, and almost every song is memorable!

Actually, this one was a VERY close second...  I didn't think that I would ever love Tim McGraw again, he's too wrapped up with memories and a life from a long time ago.  But with this album, I found that he was getting more spins than almost everybody else.  I welcome him back into my life!

And... if I have to choose a third it would be this.  Every time I listen to this album I realize I like it more and more.  It also reminds me that it comes from a different time, but I can't pin down what time that is... but nonetheless I like it. 

There you go, a very brief and late synopsis of my favorite pop culture of 2014!  What did you enjoy that came out in 2014?