Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought:
What is the What By: Dave Eggers
Nine Stories By: JD Salinger
Wolf Hall By: Hilary Mantel
The World According to Garp By: John Irving

Books Read:
Still Alice By:  Lisa Genova
Chasers of the Light By: Tyler Knott Gregson

Another month of buying books! (Again, I had a crazy awesome return that gave me a massive credit, sounds shady, but I promise, it wasn't.)

Since, I'm behind on posting for January let's just jump into the "Books Read"!

Still Alice, goodness this book has literally been on my shelf for years.   Obviously, it was time to read it as the movie release date was fast approaching, even more incentive, when Julianne Moore earned herself an Academy Award nomination for her role as Alice.  Everywhere I read this book.... at work, at the gym (it's January after all, right?), everywhere, people commented on how this book impacted them.  It leaves a strong feeling with you.  It made me wonder, if my little forgetful moments means I'll have Alzheimer's.  It prompted me to tell my family that if I ever develop the disease to never put me in a home just because it gets hard!  The disease is so much more encompassing than I ever imagined!  I didn't think about how you could forget where the bathroom is and frantically be looking for it, I didn't think about how you could lose your depth perception and hurt yourself, I didn't think about how no one really bothers making support groups for the victims because it's too hard for them to remember or communicate what's going on with them or how they are feeling!

Goodness, what a book!

Next up was a poetry book.  I started noticing on Instagram that everyone was receiving this book for Christmas.  A little google action and I found out that Tyler Knott Gregson bought a vintage typewriter and while he was at the store he pulled out some used piece of paper and typed out a quick poem.  Apparently he became addicted to the feeling of not editing ones self, of saying what you want in one go because his instagram is filled with little diddies that the dude writes everyday.  I was kind of indifferent about this book, I liked the idea of it.  I liked the cover.  Some poems were absolutely breathtaking, and reminiscent of feelings I've felt before, but then I found myself more than once being like, "Dude!  Move on!!!!"  Who knows what heartbreak Mr Tyler experienced and how fresh it is.  I hope it's fresh.  I hope he hasn't gotten in the habit of eulogizing a relationship from long past.  I also thought somethings were very elementary, but then again, sometimes love, loss, crushes, flutters can only be explained in the most innocent and cliche of ways.  I do find it interesting that this poet teaches an online seminar about releasing your creativity.  I was tempted to sign up just to see if the exercises would get me writing more, but I was a day late and a dollar short.  Maybe next go round.  We'll see.

Happy New Year everyone!  What do you hope to read in the new year?  Any of your favorite authors releasing some new material?