Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought:
The Sheltering Sky By: Paul Bowles
High Fidelity By: Nick Hornby
Infinite Jest By: David Foster Wallace

Books Read:
Bossypants By: Tina Fey (audiobook)
Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West By: Benazir Bhutto
The Girl on the Train By: Paula Hawkins
America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction By: Jon Stewart (audiobook)

I don't know what is going on with me but I do not feel like reading this year!!!   I bought some books, the main thing you need to know about these 3 books is that they all tie back to Dave Eggers in one way or another.  Hopefully someday I will get up the motivation to actually read them.

So, if I haven't been reading books, what have I been doing?  Listening to audiobooks, that's what.  The cheaters way.  This month I listened to not one, but two audiobooks!  Both were very short, not a huge commitment like that mammoth beast Game of Thrones that I listened to last year.  Both were read by the author, which was nice since they were comedic and it sounds funnier coming in the tone that the author meant to convey.  

Tina Fey.  I am now convinced that I must watch 30 Rock on Netflix sometime soon.  (hmmmm... maybe netflix and my new TV is the reason I haven't been reading so much... darn you House of Cards)!  Anyways, what a funny lady!  I love the part where she responds to nasty messages/comments that she's read about herself online.  So funny!

Jon Stewart.  What can I say?  I seem to have missed the boat with The Daily Show (what with the no TV and no cable thing) but I couldn't help but wonder... what is it about this guy?  People love him.  I have to say, this book was funny... but I'm not convinced solely on this that he should run for President like all his minions would love to see happen... but based on this I am kind of sad that I never got to partake in this pop culture phenomenon!  I haven't looked to see if there are any episodes on Netflix... I'll have to remember to do this.  (and all my unread books on my shelves make a disturbing sigh of disappointment)

Ok, so I did finally manage to finish Benazir Bhutto's book.  Finally.  I liked this book, but I think I was looking for more of an auto-biography (which she does touch on some of the major events of her life), but just like the title this book was a book about Democracy, Islam and the West.  The sad thing is, when you see how she had a plan and she knew her history, it just makes you wonder how things would be different if she hadn't been killed.  I look forward to learning more about her. 

And lastly, this year's "new Gone Girl".  Let's just say a few things: takes place in England, the main character is an overweight female, divorced, with reproductive issues.  I just kept thinking, please don't let the overweight, divorcee with reproductive issues be the killer! haha!  I'm not going to tell you, you'll have to read it for yourself!

What have you people been reading over this crazy winter?