Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought:
The Logan Notebooks By: Rebecca Lindenberg
All the Light We Cannot See By: Anthony Doerr
Yoga Girl By: Rachel Brathen
Good Food, Good Life By: Curtis Stone
Uganda Be Kidding Me By: Chelsea Handler (free on Audible.com)

Books Read:
Seriously, I'm Kidding By: Ellen Degeneres
 I Am America By: Stephen Colbert
Uganda Be Kidding Me By: Chelsea Handler
The Logan Notebooks By: Rebecca Lindenberg
Yes Please By: Amy Poehler
Yoga Girl By: Rachel Brathen

So far this year, I know I'm going to sound crazy when I say this... but I don't really feel like I've read that much!  Which is fine because I've been doing other things, but I find I'm mostly listening to books, which I feel kind of ashamed of, if I'm being honest.  For example, this month I listened to 4 of the 6 books that I "read" and of the two that I didn't listen to... one is a poetry book and the other is a workout/motivational book.  So there you have it, I have officially become a lazy reader.

With that said, this month I continued my trend of listening to funny, lighthearted books. I listened to four funny people, read their books.  There are worse things in the world, right?

Ellen Degeneres- this book felt like a stretch to me, she talked at length about how she had nothing to write about, and at times it really did feel like that.  Not my favorite of Ellen's, but I still had some chuckles!

Stephen Colbert- I liked this book about the same as I liked Jon Stewart's.  I think these are both incredibly intelligent men, and it helps that I have the same political beliefs as them.  I couldn't believe that Stephen Colbert could stay in this "character" that he created for so long.  It was scary that there truly are so many Americans who talk this way!

Chelsea Handler- Ok, she's funny, and incredibly offensive.  This book was significantly better than her "cheat" book where she had all her friends write a chapter about pranks she's pulled on them, but at the end of the day I can't help feeling like she's lost a bit of her original appeal.  At her age, it's starting to become a bit sad that she still drinks like crazy, spends money like crazy, and just plain acts... crazy.  These wild shenanigans were hilarious a decade ago, but now you can't help but feel kind of grossed out listening to her.

Amy Poehler- I'm a fan.  I have to say, I always knew this lady was out there doing funny stuff but until a colleague made me binge watch Parks & Recreation I had never really "gotten" it.  Now, I get it.  I thought this book would be as hilarious as Tina Fey's was (it wasn't), but it still provided insight into easily one of the most entertaining feminists of our time.  It was a bit heavy on the "mom" stuff for me, but I'm sure a lot of people find that angle interesting.

Now onto books I actually "read" with my own eyes!

Rebecca Lindenberg came out with a second book of poetry.  Since I was obsessed with her first, I knew I just had to buy this one too!  So, one snowy night as a friend and I stood outside the Fox Theatre in Boulder waiting to see a show, I made my way down to the Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe and lo and behold... they had it in stock.  As the barista steamed the milk for the two small hot chocolates I ordered, we had a lovely conversation books, McSweeney's, and poetry of course.  This collection didn't "wow" me like the first (but again, I cannot overstate how much I LOVED her first collection)!  Here is my favorite poem from this collection:


My guy buys brie, a baguette, and cherry tomatoes with his food stamps.  I buy firewood and wine. We go up the canyon and light a fire in a stone pit and sit in soft folding chairs and talk for hours, let the penny-colored pit bull walk against the river current.  And as we sit, the tall granite walls of the canyon slowly purple to black and the sky goes out, and the flames we're sitting by get brighter and warmer, until we begin to dwindle, and we douse them, and we go.

Pretty good, right?
Love her style!

Lastly, Rachel Brathen- aka "yoga girl", I first heard/found Rachel on Instagram, and I quickly grew to love her (just like everyone else).  She posts beautiful, inspirational pics and her captions are always completely raw and honest.  Her book, was pretty much everything we already know and love about her but in a physical form that you can put on your coffee table.  There were pretty pics, interesting tidbits, some recipes, and some instructions for yoga poses.  This was a quick read, but I really like it!  And, she is now a New York Times Bestselling Author, another reason I love her!

Anyways, that was my March!  What have you been reading lately?