Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought:
 The Year of No Mistakes By: Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz
Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns By: Andrea Gibson
The Paris Review No. 209, Summer 2014
Tracks By: Robyn Davidson (Audible)
Poser: My Life Twenty-Three Yoga Poses By: Claire Dederer (Audible)
The Marriage Game By: Alison Weir
The Bullet By: Mary Louise Kelly
Euphoria By: Lily King
Spinster By: Kate Bolick (Audible)

Books Read:
Tracks By: Robyn Davidson
Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns By: Andrea Gibson
All the Light We Cannot See By: Anthony Doerr
Poser: My Life Twenty-Three Yoga Poses By: Claire Dederer (Audible)

My-My, my love affair with books continues... although these days it is taking a drastically different form!  I am officially addicted to Audible.com although I'm very particular about the kinds of books I'll listen to versus read.  For instance, I prefer them to be non-fiction, have to be unabridged, I prefer them to be read by the author (although this one is not a deal-breaker).  I feel there is a big difference in listening to someone's memoir as I walk on the treadmill or drive, these things are kind of cold and straight forward.  I couldn't imagine listening to a book like All the Light We Cannot See, books like that need to be curled up with, they need to be taken in slowly so your imagination can wrap fully around them, books like that you need to feel the anticipation as you turn the page and feel the excitement of flipping through a few pages to see just how long the next chapter is exactly and if you can squeeze in one more chapter before bedtime beckons.  Books like that, when you finish them you need to shut it, and hold it close to your heart and breathe a sigh as you silently wish to yourself that you could write like that, and as you say goodbye to characters and places you fell in love with.  Obviously I really dug Doerr's book.  And the nice thing is, I finished it the day before it was announced as the Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction.  Very deserving!

So, April.  National Poetry month... I love this month for that reason.  I always try to draw my attention towards poetry, and give thanks and appreciation to one of my favorite art forms.   On April 7th I was able to find a night that aligned perfectly with a poetry reading at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe.  They always give a discount on books in this month, so I bought a few, along with a huge latte and settled in to hear the best Boulder has to offer.  It did not disappoint.  Some of the feminist poetry that writers are producing in this town is damn good!  Which brings me to the poetry book that I read this month.  It was published by Write Bloody Publishing, the same spoken word publisher that put out Sarah Kay's collection, I also had seen a dear friend of mine read Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns last year so it had been on my list for awhile.  It was so good.  Who knew that lesbian poetry could speak to my soul like that?  It was also very political, and I f'ing loved it!  I wish it was a collection I had written myself.

Anyways, back to audible.  I listened first to a woman travel memoir called Tracks, this was about a woman who decided to train some camels and walk across the Australian Outback.  Her journey was documented at the time by National Geographic, but this memoir was her words, and her inner thoughts.  It wasn't an Eat, Pray, Love or a Wild for me, but maybe for some females it is.  It was still interesting, just not my thing.

And lastly, Poser.  I liked this book more than I thought I was going to.  The author spends time talking about the 90's, Seattle, Yoga, what's not to like?  She even moves to Boulder at one point in the book!  What I could do without though?  All the baby talk.  I get it, people have kids and it becomes their everything... but sometimes I'm just not in the mood.  But on the whole, I liked hearing about a writer who does yoga and has an appreciation for all things zen and nineties.  :-)

Obviously, I'm buying books at a faster rate than I can actually read them this year!  It's time to take stock, and relax.  I need to finish a few that I've been working on for months and we'll see what happens in May. 

What are you reading these days?