Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought
The Untethered Soul By: Michael A. Singer (Audible)
All The Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love By: Tyler Knott Gregson
The Girl on the Train By: Paula Hawkins
Wildflower By: Drew Barrymore

Books Read
 Purity By: Jonathan Franzen
 All The Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love By: Tyler Knott Gregson

October was a good book month for me, in more ways than one.  Not only did I read some quality stuff, but I also got to visit the most infamous and largest independent book store in the country, and I also got to go to an author event at Tattered Cover for The Girl on the Train which was fascinating and inspirational (as these events always are). 

First, the historic Powell's. This store truly is a book nerd's world wonder!  I'm not the biggest fan of used books, but it is kind of cool to be able to see things firsthand that have been elusive for years...  like McSweeney's Vol 1.  Also, who can complain about a book store that has multiple levels and rooms?  I wish I had timed my trip better because Elizabeth Gilbert was doing an appearance there just days before my arrival, and Tyler Knott Gregson was shortly after my departure.  It would have been nice to see how they put on an event compared to my home state's Tattered Cover (which rocks events).

Which leads me to Paula Hawkins.  This was a funny author event because multiple people have talked about how the main character reminded them of me, and yet, the main character is a mess! It was fun to hear the process of how she came up with this character.  She knew she wanted to have a character that drinks so much that they black out and so she worked backwards from there and was like... "What would be the saddest thing?" And then she thought how it would be pretty sad if you had been married and your husband left you because of fertility issues.  There you have it folks.  Straight out of a NY Times Bestselling Author's mouth... that scenario is just about the saddest thing.  Except for a whole other slew of atrocities that happen to the human race... like genocide, human trafficking, rape, fleeing your country and being a refugee due to the horror of war, etc.  Anyways, always fun to hear an author's process and how people received it.  Also, Tattered Cover did something I've never seen them do before they had another author (local, Eleanor Brown) interview Paula.  I thought that was interesting.

Ok... on to books!

Books bought... I keep wavering with audible.  I feel ethically I should not be buying audible versions of books from Amazon... but I like having them as options when NPR doesn't have news on, I'm caught up on podcasts, and not in the mood for music.  Am I the devil?  Maybe.  Anyways, I bought The Untethered Soul in this version so I could listen on my night drives home from yoga or while I'm at the gym.  I also joined local yogini and life coach Jacki Carr's online book club, and this was the pick after Brene Brown's newest.

I bought and finished reading Tyler Knott Gregson's latest collection of poems.  I think he has matured a lot.... they are less cliche, less desperate and more sexy.  Here's a sample...

Back against the wall
and your legs around my waist,
I kiss you again.

Early morning moans
and your longest stretching groans
I can't wait to wake.

Let's tangle them up,
twist together all our limbs.
Braid ourselves to sleep.

Legs around my waist
As I hold you in my lap
My hands on your back.

I find you in storms,
I feel you in the lightening,
I miss you in rain.

See what I mean?  Sexy.  It probably helps that this is a guy writing in the mountains of Montana on a vintage typewriter.  Dreamy.

Ok... if you are a fan of the 90's it's pretty much mandatory that you love Drew Barrymore, so of course I had to pick up her new autobiography.

Now... let's once again discuss Jonathan Franzen.

Purity took me almost a month to read.  But not because it wasn't good. As with everything I've read by Jonathan Franzen, his story lines & his characters draw you in, and yet you know that it is a book that when you sit down to read it, you want to have time. You want to be sucked in to that world.  This one was so unlike his other two I've read in the sense that I didn't feel like he was doing some big analysis of the current political events and life in the suburbs... it felt a lot less like an assigned book for school (which I love) and more just him trying a new style.  I still liked it.  As with most his books all of the characters are not unlikable, but you still find one or two to root for.

Anyways, that's all I got through this month. I don't think I'm going to make my book goal for this year (52).  I'm currently sitting at 38, that's ok.  Quality over Quantity, baby!