Let's Talk About Books Baby!


  Books Bought
Avenue of Mysteries By: John Irving
A Game of Thrones By George R.R. Martin (Audible)

Books Read
Fates & Furies By: Lauren Groff
The Untethered Soul By: Michael A. Singer (Audible)
Wildflower By: Drew Barrymore

November!  Important things to note... I've decided to start over with Game of Thrones (again)... now that I'm completely addicted to the show and I feel I have a better grasp on the millions of characters, I'm thinking the books will be more interesting this time around!  We'll see.

Also, as you can see... I got to meet Chelsea Clinton... meaning that me and Ash now have the whole family's books signed by them! How exciting!  I was nervous as all get out!  I think because Chelsea and I are close in age and she is so accomplished, I just felt nervous.  But she was very sweet!  As I knew she would be! :-) 

As for books read... the #1 book of the year making all the end of year lists: Fates & Furies... I'm not really seeing what the big fuss is about.  I didn't think either of the two characters were relate-able and their story was kind of weird.  I get it was supposed to be a realistic portrayal of marriage, but if you ask me nothing will ever beat Revolutionary Road when it comes to this arena. 

On to Untethered Soul, me oh my... I get what this book was doing.  You can be an observer of your thoughts, acknowledge them, and let them go.  If it was that easy we would all be doing exactly that.  There are reasons we harp on things.  Yes, some of us do it more than others.... but isn't what makes us all human is that we react to life?!?!  I get it, we should strive to be more present, let go of the past and things we can't control... but after awhile this message got redundant.  If we literally could just acknowledge everything how would we ever have the opposite emotions on the other side of the pendulum?  The joy, love, etc.  If we are just supposed to acknowledge and let go of everything... wouldn't we just be robots?  I don't know, I like yoga and I like meditation but sometimes when you start analyzing things as much as this book did, well, that's just as annoying as what the book was saying you shouldn't be doing. Oy.  

Let it go, let it go, let it go (sung to the tune of Let it Snow).


Drew, oh Drew how us that love the 90's worship you!  I had forgotten so many wonderful things and reading this book was like taking a walk down memory lane.  Drew writes casually, but she definitely delves into important things... like how to get ready for a relationship and how to be a person with a cause.  This was a delightful read!  

What have you been reading lately?  Any suggestions?