Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought

Fall of Giants

By: Ken Follett

Year of Yes

By: Shonda Rhimes (audible)

Rising Strong

By: Brene Brown

Daring Greatly

By: Brene Brown

Things I Would Like To Do With You

By: Waylon Lewis

Spirit Junkie

By: Gabrielle Bernstein (audible)

A Clash of Kings

By: George R.R. Martin (audible)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

By: J.K. Rowling (audible)

Books Read

Luckiest Girl Alive

By: Jessica Knoll

Year of Yes

By: Shonda Rhimes (audible)

Things I Would Like To Do With You

By: Waylon Lewis

Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi's Guide to Discovering Your Best Self

By: Jeff Krasno 

The Bullet

By: Mary Louise Kelly


By: Nayyirah Waheed

Spirit Junkie

 By: Gabrielle Bernstein (audible)

Wow guys! Another crazy year has come to an end!!! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!

December was a pretty big book month for me... that's bound to happen with colder weather, snow days, holidays, and longer weekends!

Let's just talk about Books Read shall we?

Starting from the top...

Luckiest Girl Alive

- this one was entertaining and as a Colorado teen of the 90's I knew where it was going... There is something to be said for high school and the pressure of cliques and we all know how the 90's ended.  I think because of personal history and interest in the topic this fictional rendition of a scene that has become all too familiar was intriguing to me.

Year of Yes

LOVE this book!  I should've known since I'm a fan of Shonda Rhimes shows... but as of her personally all I've ever known is how she has conflict with Katherine Heigl who I love so I don't know what I was expecting.  But I loved it.  Very motivational and real.  Good book for the new year!


I finally finished this beast and I think it is a fantastic introduction into all the areas of yoga.  The physical practice, the Gods, the food, the community, the meditations, the reasons why, the history.  It touches on everything and asks the reader important questions.  Great coffee table addition!

The Bullet

  I've said it before and I'll say it again. Mary Louise Kelly writes the kind of books that should be turned into movies! Love it! And I love the way the women in her stories are always in fascinating cities, single, and intelligent.  Good thriller!

Nayyirah Waheed.... I was given you as a gift for Christmas, and Wow!!!  Here are some of my faves:

the thing you are most

afraid to write.

write that.

---advice to young writers

'i love myself.'









as a child 

there was either




i chose books.

---how i became a writer

africa does not need your tears.


your prayers.


your money.


your t-shirts.


your telethons.


your hands ever so lovingly placed

on her buttocks.

your mouth at her breasts.

your fists in her eyes.

she wants you to stop pissing in her face

and calling it water.

Good, right?!?!?!

There were so many poems... just small little morsels that leave a taste.  I'm still mulling some of them over and trying to understand ways that I have maybe struck someone in my ignorance of their culture, or what it means to be them.  Very powerful, very impactful.  Will be reading more by this poet in the future!

And lastly....

Spirit Junkie

I like Gabrielle.  I like her whole vibe.  I'll be listening to this one again, so many lessons to learn and again things to mull over.  I feel I have a lot to learn from this author.

That's it! Another year of reading over.  What will 2016 bring?  What will I discover? Who will move me?  I'm excited for what's to come!