Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought

Carry On, Warrior By: Glennon Melton (audible)

My Life on the Road By: Gloria Steinem (audible)

The Firestarter Sessions By: Danielle LaPorte (audible)

Books Read

Carry On, Warrior By: Glennon Melton (audible)

My Life on the Road By: Gloria Steinem (audible) 

Well I feel like this is a bad sign... My first month ever where the only books I bought and read were all audible! *gasp*

All I have to say for myself is: I've got stuff going on folks!  Weekends filled with Broncos playoff games, volunteering for the upcoming Democratic Caucus on Super Tuesday in Colorado, hitting the gym a few times, finding my zen in yoga as much as I can, meet ups with my groovy goals coach (coffee & mountains), and just surviving the rush of a new semester at CU.  Life is busy... I gotta get my reading in on the go these days.  I don't foresee this becoming a trend, it's just how I'm surviving the moment.  

My online book club that I joined a few months back, Novel Grapes, chose Carry On, Warrior for our most recent read.  I should have read the fine print but since I was just downloading an audio version I didn't notice the tiny print on the cover that said from the author of momastery.com.  Oy.  For those of you who know me, you will know what a double edged sword this is.  I once longed to be a "mommy" and it turns out my body is not cut out for that.  It took some time, and growing up to realize that maybe God, the universe, or fate knew better than I did that I was not made for such things as, baby talk, dirty diapers, and putting someone else above all else in your life.

That makes me sound selfish... But this is not about me.

Had I seen the fine print before I started downloading and listening to this book, I would have sat this round out.

Nothing about this book is relatable to me.  I'm not big into addicts, people on fire for God in kind of an intimidating and maniacal way, and people who only seem to be able to talk about their kids.

Next up... Gloria Steinem!  Could these two women be any more different?  No, I think not.  I loved Gloria's story so much that if she weren't still alive I would think that maybe I was her in a different life.  It resonated.  It is the story I want to tell, a person who owned her body, who made her choices, who fought for and alongside the underrepresented.  This woman stood on the forefront of some of the most important historical moments in our country's history.  Her writing is rich, her cause is mighty, she is everything I would be if I could just be brave enough to do it.  

And it wasn't until I sat down to write this post and thought back on both of these books that I actually realized how much these two women have in common.  Abortions were had, both believe in equality, and they both have constructed the lifestyle that is right for them.  I mean after all, isn't feminism having the freedom to be a policy activist if you choose or a mom who builds a home if that's your fancy.  The bottom line is while Glennon might be a little too syrupy sweet for me--- she is out there... She is daring greatly (like Brene), she puts her stories out there for others to learn from and to judge.  But here's the thing... While I was quick to write her off as "just" a stay at home mom with her "mommy" blog.... I learned that she is on the forefront of change, in a different way than Gloria Steinem.  While Gloria is out fighting for other people's kids to be recognized and loved as humans- just as they are.  Glennon is starting the lesson in the home.  When she writes a letter to her son that if he should be gay then he should know that he is loved fiercely.  

Taking a stance that to some in the Christian community would judge and think is wrong, is very brave.  If more Christians would interpret Jesus the way Glennon and her family do--- it would start a revolution.  So maybe, Glennon is more bomb that I initially gave her credit for. 

Lesson to ourselves: Don't judge a book by it's tiny print.