Let's Talk About Books Baby!


Books Bought

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin (audible)

 Books Read

The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin (audible)

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte (audible)

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

While we're at it.... Let's just keep on moving straight on to August!  So, at this time of year is always when I take stock.  Holy crap, more than half of the year is gone!  School is starting soon! Where am I on my goals?  Where am I on my book goals?  Well, before August, I was running a little behind... But there's nothing like the start of a new school year and the return of routine to get one back on their goals and focused once more.  

Local author Eleanor Brown has released her second book, and it is immaculate.  So let's start there.  Maybe because I'm a sucker for Paris and history and the stories of women finding their way in the world or their way back to themselves.... But good God this book made me ache!  I had night's crying myself to sleep missing Europe and fearing I might never walk those streets again.  I cheered as the characters discovered themselves and took their stands in the world.  Anyway, the story flashes back and forth between a modern day woman who is analyzing her marriage and their person she is in it, and then back to her grandmother in Paris (through journal entries).  It's delicious.  I loved it.  Eleanor Brown is definitely top notch, highly recommend both of her books!  

Next up I finished listening to the 4th book in the Song of Fire & Ice series (aka Game of Thrones).  This book I think my review will differ from most people based purely on the fact that this book featured all of MY favorite characters whereas the 5th book is the one that features the rest of humanity's favorite characters (also know as... Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenarys Targaryan).  So that leaves in book 4... You guessed it! Cersei, Sansa, Brienne, Jaime, and Arya!  Oh my! Most fans of the books are always quick to let those who have just watched the show (mm..hmm) know that the fourth book covers some characters and then the fifth book rewinds back to where the 4th starts but then shows the rest of the cast.  So, with four featuring all my faves... We'll see how the fifth goes.  Stay tuned.  But as for the fourth, I thought it was decent, nothing too shocking seeing as how I've already watched most of this unfold on Sunday nights on HBO, and that which hasn't been on the show I've already been filled in by all of my many GOT lovers in my life.  I'll spare you the deets, you are either a big enough geek to read these books or you are proudly just a fan of the amazing show.  Either way, looking forward to winter y'all.

Danielle LaPorte... I know I just barely touched on her a couple of months ago... But this woman is magical.  I listened to this book on some pretty drives and it definitely got me thinking.  Next, will be to put some thoughts to paper and actually sit with all the questions and do the hard work.  Beautiful book.  Beautiful project.  Looking forward to desire mapping!

Ok--- the latest book off the presses in the Gone Girl and Girl on the Train vein has to be The Girl in Cabin 10 (although I'll be the first to admit, I like these type of books but I'm certainly not a slave to this genre... So I may be missing some other predecessors of this wildly popular genre... If so, fill me in!  What have I missed? What should I be reading?)  But anyway, back to this book.  I thought it was entertaining for sure... But definitely not ground breaking.  If you like these murder mysteries though, I say go for it!

What about you? When is the last time a book made you ache? What was it, and why did it hurt so good?