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Books Read

What Made Maddy Run: The Secret Struggles and Tragic Death of an All-American Teen

by Kate Fagan (Audible)

The Bridge Ladies by Betsy Lerner

Dark Tracks (Order of Darkness #4) by Philippa Gregory

Drive Here and Devastate Me by Megan Falley

What do you know? I’m behind! And again, how did it become the middle of the month? Someday I will be disciplined and write these monthly posts on the last day of the month! Oh well.

Here we go… I listened to What Made Maddy Run by CU-alum Kate Fagan. Not because she went to CU… but because she is the person who married yogi instructor Kathryn Budig (who used to be married to a man)! I LOVE this couple. I watch all their damn stories, listen to their podcast, and now… read their books. Kate is an ESPN Sportscaster, I like that a lot of her reporting is women-centric and I love her enthusiasm for sports and athletes. This book was about a young college athlete who took her own life- Kate speculates that it is because of the pressure put on young athletes that play for Universities. Kate tries to unpack mental health topics, and I feel she does a pretty good job. The book is just kind of grim and overall a depressing topic… I like that the audible version is read by Kate herself.

The Bridge Ladies! First, Jacki got these books sent to those of us who were going to be attending book camp for FREE! It probably wouldn’t have been a book any of us would have chosen otherwise. That said, we had quite a discussion on this book! The book was written by a woman about her mother and her friends… ladies who played bridge. The book goes into topics of feminism, female friendships, generation disconnects, loyalty, and what it means to be witness to each other’s lives. I didn’t looooove this book, but I also didn’t mind it. But… I did looooovvvveee book camp this year! It was a quick whirlwind weekend trip to Salida. We stayed at the Amigo Motor Lodge, and would drive a quick 5 minutes and be in downtown Salida, which is so quaint and so lovely. We spent the bulk of our time in the town’s local book store, we even did yin yoga in there one morning… “Amongst other people’s dreams” as Jacki said. It was so great, I do wish it had been a little longer, but we did get our money’s worth as Jacki always pulls out all the stops with goodies, and local eats. And all the women were amazing! I’ll probably always remember The Bridge Ladies simply because the weekend was so good.

Philippa. Why I am the only person in the world reading this teen series by the queen of historical fiction I will never know?! Literally, no one has ever heard of this series. Why does she keep coming out with another book? It’s never been available in stores, it’s hard for the library to get a hold of. It’s a fine read and it’s always entertaining… it’s nothing worth writing home about though… maybe that’s why I’m the only person reading it? Why am I reading it? I guess cause I’m this far and I want to see where it’s all going. And it always makes me have crazy dreams. I guess I’m reading it cause it gets my imagination going. I also like seeing how someone who is known for their adult novels, switches over to YA. Anyway, I don’t really recommend anyone else dig in on this series.

Lastly, Drive Here and Devastate Me by my friend, and teacher… Megan Falley. This is my favorite collection of hers (that I’ve read). I love that this book is about love. Loving her partner, and learning to love her own body. For Megan’s book launch she had a performance here in Boulder, I was lucky enough to have my baby sis go with me to it. It was really funny to have someone that’s known me her whole life come and see my world I’ve made in Boulder… this weird mesh of yogis, political poets, and lesbians. My sister was in awe the whole night! Sometimes this is just my life and I’m up here living it every week day and I forget that on the weekends I go down to Aurora and am an Auntie and a Sister and a Daughter… and none of those roles feel like who I am in Boulder. I don’t know… just thinking out loud here. Anyway, I highly recommend this book if you want to be blown away by brilliance!

That’s all for now folks! I promise to give you November’s reads by December 1st at the latest! Not that I think any of you (are there any of you?) are out there biting your nails in anticipation.

If you’ve been reading something worth writing home about, drop me a line! Or like the cool kids say, “Slide into my DM’s”. WTF?!?!!