Let’s Talk About Books Baby!




 Books Read

 This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck by Janne Robinson

Spiritual Graffiti by MC Yogi


February I sure didn’t get much reading done. I blame my other goals. I tried to go hiking, busted my foot, spent days hanging out with my mom, watched the olympics, and then spent the rest of February (pre Yoga Teacher Training) meeting up with friends who I likely won’t see for a couple of months due to Yoga Teacher Training. 

So, two books. One of which was poetry. Let’s start there. 

I had never heard of Janne Robinson until she was in the first edition of The Dispatch by Folk Rebellion. Out of curiousity I checked out her instagram and lo and behold found out she has a published collection of poems. With a title like This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck, of course I felt called to check it out! Let me start by saying that me and Janne could not be more different... but I have respect for what she’s about. She’s free. Wild. Untamed. A lot of her poems were about sex... she’s very sexual, I’m more pent up and reserved. She also throws caution to anything that resembles security or days filled with mundane routine, whereas I long to be like that but am afraid I’m more built for the reliable path in life. One area that I really do admire and hope I can incorporate in my future is that she writes, and I’d like to make that more of my routine. She also appears as though she’s living an instagram worthy life and by that I mean, it sounds full of mountains, steaming metal cups of coffee... it just sounds very rustic... which I crave.

I knew I was intrigued beyond the title of this book when I cracked it open and the first poem was titled, “There’s Cobwebs On Her Vagina“... but I knew I was going to love this book when I got to, “I Sometimes Let The Kettle Howl Too Long”.

I loved this little one: 


”There’s assholes dancing

and there’s assholes wishing they were dancing.” 


So simple. So true. I really loved this bit of imagery too:


”I wish to make kicking horse coffee in a blue tin cup and read book after book lying in the bottom of the canoe as it is still tied up. 

I wish to wake up to the chill of the morning, not forced heat that makes me claustrophobic to breathe- crisp air, cleaned by the hemlocks and spruces outside my bedroom window. 

I wish to wake up and water the flowers, barefoot and bare bummed. Light the kettle on a blue oven and pull open a door that stinks of cedar and time. 

I would like you to be here...” 


Sooooo good! 

And I loved bits of “To My Lover I Haven’t Quite Met Yet”: 


”I’d like for you to visit

I say softly

will you come in August? 

August is the fall of summer

each ray of sunshine is fleeting and bittersweet  

on its way out

demanding of you to love it even more so because of it

Night nudges gently of fall’s arrival

wool sweaters and socks come out of the closets

I cut kindling for the fire

my hands rediscovering the axe, knots and the smell of freshly cut cedar.... 


We leave the lights on  

and read for a little while

the moon is so distracting I don’t get much done

but you do

you wear glasses

shirtless, letting your hairy bear chest free

yellow beeswax candles burn softly

I hold you in my eyes

for my heart is paying attention” 


<3 <3 <3 Can’t take it!!!! Must find someone to love... stat! 

And there are just tons of goodies like that.... Check out, “I’ll Take My Coffee With A Side Of You” (page 102) and this sweet little ditty on page 139: 


”I could have stayed

that morning

and kissed you

until August.” 


I LOVE IT! Poetry, Love, Romance, Wishes..... what a great book this was for February! 


Next up was MC Yogi’s book which I touched on briefly in my post about his class I went to a few weekends ago. I liked his book more than I thought I was going to, it was about him as a mischievous youngster going down a bad path and how yoga changed his life. If you are looking for a quick inspirational read this is a great one! Even better if you love the hip hop scene of the late 80’s & 90’s... and if you are a yogi, it’s the cherry on top.