Let’s Talk About Books Baby!



Books Read 

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

Where is July going and I haven't even posted my June reads yet!? Great Scott!

I haven't been reading that much this year, it just feels like so much else is going on. Which is good, but also makes me kind of sad... and tired.  Hmmm.... Maybe a sign I need to slow down for the second half of the year? 

Moving on... A Discovery of Witches, this one felt promising... a witchy American woman living in Oxford who loves to spend her days in the library and doing yoga? I was so feeling this. But I should know by now that wherever a vampire lurks... I'm probably not going to be amused. Enter vampire. And everything goes south. I found myself slightly entertained when they were pretending like they didn't "like" each other, and of course I was slightly interested with their first lusty/breathy interactions. I live for that shit. But add in anything too grandiose and I find myself rolling my eyes. Really, can they really be that in love (that fast)?  Jury is still out on whether I'll dive into book two... I started it but have seemed to abandon it and have definitely zoned out enough that I don't know what's really going on. This book will be a fave for those who loved the Outlander and Twilight series.

Pillow Thoughts--- I don't remember what poem it was that I opened up to... but I was doing this thing in the store... so many poetry books, only so much money... so I randomly opened each one to a random page and whoever's poem moved me the most, I bought the book. So this one won. But the funny thing is--- this book on the whole did not move me that much, which is why I'm so curious to remember what it was that day. What I like? I like that the poet is a lesbian. What I don't like? I'm realizing I'm kind of getting over this whole.... seems like anyone can put out a poetry book these days. Like, what constitutes good? It seems like all people do these days is write down 4 or 5 powerful words and they have a book deal. Why am I not doing this? Anyway... On the whole I liked this book, I just didn't love it. And I wanted to love it. So there you go.