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Brooklyn In Love: A Delicious Memoir of Food, Family, and Finding Yourself by Amy Thomas

Well I guess since it is mid-September I should get my July & August book posts done!  Gee whiz I'm normally not one to complain or comment about where the heck the summer went, but seriously?!?! Where did it go?!  Personally I always welcome Fall, and I still do, but I just can't believe how the days are flying by!

Ok- books, or should I say book. I only finished one book in all of JULY, and part of the reason I even was able to finish one is because I took a weekday off to go to a Bachelorette Party at Water World with a bunch of yoga teachers.  Yes, you read that right. And while they were all off running around the park throwing their tan fit bodies down slides, I sat by the wave pool and delved into Amy Thomas's most recent book.  I had enjoyed Paris, My Sweet and I was interested to see where this memoir writer's life had taken her.  And while this was a light, easy breezy read, it was also kind of a snore fest. The author comments multiple times about her and her husband's unconventional life choices, but to me getting married, having a baby, and moving to the gentrified outskirts of a city (not far enough out to be the burbs, but still close enough to the city to be considered hip) is what every generic couple out there is doing.

I still like Amy's recommendations on food, and I like that she gets to know her neighborhood really well. For most readers this wouldn't be one that I recommend... simply because there is so little time and so much out there to read.