Let’s Talk About Books Baby!


Books Read

Jump…and Your Life Will Appear by Nancy Levin

Look at me! Posting this before the end of the month... I wish I could say that my doing this wasn’t me putting off other things... but hey, I’ll take it, it’s a victory nonetheless.

Life has been so busy that I only read one book in February! 

Something that I said in therapy one day made my therapist get up out of her chair and pull this book off of her shelf.  She leant me her copy, and I have to say my favorite part of reading this book was seeing what parts my therapist had underlined or put exclamations next to. None of it was very shocking or insightful, it was just completely her. Passages about being kind to yourself. That’s always her thing. No matter what you did. No matter who you are. How do you talk to yourself? It better be lovingly. I like that about her... I still have loads to learn from her.

But about the book. I wish I could remember what I had said in the moment that made my therapist think this was the book for me. Mostly because she’s normally so spot on, but this didn’t feel right. The author of this book had some huge secret that she had to divulge- she had an affair, and she was caught when her husband read her journals. And then began a phase of him kicking her out, taking her back, kicking her out... until she just decided she’d had enough and she wasn’t going back.  

The book has some tiny little golden nuggets and is a quick read... if you all are a fan of Hay House authors then I’d say go ahead and check out this little one from your local library... and bonus! The author calls Boulder home, so there’s that.  

Not much else for you lovelies this month.... hopefully I’ll have some good stuff to write about for March! Until then! <3