Let's Talk About Books Baby!


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Books Read

Wolfpack: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game by Abby Wambach (Audible)

Who Thought This Was A Good Idea? And Other Questions You Should Have Answers to When You Work in the White House by Alyssa Mastromonaco (Audible)

Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan

May saw more of the same vibes as April for me mood wise. One thing is for sure is I need to do these book recaps way faster than I have been because I’m not remembering as much at this time, but the name of my game lately is procrastination and lack of motivation…. so, what can I do?

Let’s delve in… shall we?

Can I first say that I dream of being the Glennon someday to an Abby?! I LOVE them. One a formerly straight writer, and the other the woman that showed her a new way to love and together they are this awesome force- activists, and real life LOVE WARRIORS! This is my dream. They have a motto in their house- “Coffee & Revolution”. And they make real change. A girl can dream.

So… some of you may know that I’ve had this weird obsession with wolves for the past few years- maybe it was Game of Thrones, maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to get in touch with that nature loving wild woman that I believe probably resides in most of us. The one that was alive before they called us witches and the woman in my lineage who howled at the mother fucking moon, and used herbs to heal all things, the wombyn before all the sacred wounds- before the ovary issues, before the sexual harassment at work, before the abandonment.. (And I don’t say wombyn to be exclusive of transgender women, that is not my intent). I say it as in the creator, the mother of all things… Women who run with…


So yeah, Abby’s new book was calling to me: Wolfpack.

And it’s a quick read, but it is sooooooo good! I listened to the bulk of it on a long rainy drive (my favorite kind)- when you intentionally slow down, the sky is dark, and you can just wear your favorite hoodie and be cozy AF not in a hurry to get anywhere). Abby’s premise is, “You were never Little Red Riding Hood, you were always the wolf.” And she has 8 rules for all of us ladies to change the game of life FOREVER:

  1. Create Your Own Path

  2. Be Grateful for what you have AND Demand what you Deserve

  3. Lead now- from wherever you are.

  4. Failure means you’re finally IN the game.

  5. Be FOR each other.

  6. Believe in yourself. Demand the ball.

  7. Lead with humanity. Cultivate Leaders.

  8. You’re Not Alone. You’ve Got Your Pack.

For each one of her rules she gave a personal story from her life. For instance I really liked the story that went along with rule #2. The year Abby retired from Soccer, two other professional athletes retired from their respective games: Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant. The three of them were honored at the ESPY’s, and Abby spent the night basking in her gratitude. She just felt SO grateful to be honored with these two guys, and suddenly a thought struck her as they left the stage. She realized they were each heading into VERY different retirements… and it was all because Peyton and Kobe had been paid what they deserve whereas Abby (like most females, even high achieving ones) was not. And she realized how messed up that was, and now she’s an activist for women and their right to equal pay.

The whole book is stories like that and I’m grateful that it is a quick enough listen/read that I can revisit many times for inspiration! <3

The last book that I read for May started with a lovely date with myself. Every Wednesday this year I am using vacation time and leaving work early so that I can participate in my Ayurveda class. Well, this one particular Wednesday in May I took myself to a local Mexican Restaurant ordered a margarita, a smothered burrito and set my phone up against the basket of chips and plugged in my headphones and watched my class. It felt so nice to unwind and to take my time and to do it all alone. Well after that was done I headed down to a church in Denver where Tattered Cover was hosting a night with Ian McEwan. He was being interviewed by Helen Thorpe (a local author and former first lady of Colorado) about his new book, Machines Like Me. Every attendee also received a signed copy of the new book. I pretty much have read every book McEwan has written since I read Atonement in preparation of the movie in 2007. I’ve missed a couple, perhaps on years that I decided to read one of his oldies instead (I mean he practically comes out with a book every other year), and I try to read one every year (not always, but it’s a goal- I’d like to read all of his works before I die- so there you have it- something to live for in case you were wondering what the point of my life is like I have been).

Had I not attended this evening with one of my favorite authors I might have skipped this book just based on the sounds of it. A guy gets an opportunity to buy one of the first limited editions of Adam & Eve’s (lifelike robots). He gets an Adam- and this is the story of how that goes. Watching a robot assimilate to the real world and some of the ramifications that come from that. If something is so life like that some people can’t even tell the difference- does it have rights? Does it count as cheating if it sleeps with your girlfriend?

Anyway, the conversation was brilliant and sophisticated. And the book was better than I had hoped for it to be.

Nights like that one- those are what are fueling me these days. I have to tell you by the end of May I found myself longing more and more to return to the Karstee of yesteryears. The girl who would get lost in books and stories, and they were all she needed to live and be happy.

I’m sure the real way to be in this world is a little bit of that Karstee, the bookworm- but a little bit of that Karstee that had just found yoga, and was just beginning to toy with the idea of writing. The Karstee who had hope and was grateful that she was waking up from the long coma. The Karstee before she saw herself as a massive “to do” list, a bunch of qualities that need to be changed before she could be worthy.

I’m trying to find the sweet spot. My happiness depends on it.